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Better Water for Coffee Leads to Better Prices for Farmers

September 14, 2023 1 min read

This white paper highlights the transformative effects of using a calibrated waterprofile, specifically Third Wave Water's (TWW) Espresso Profile, during the coffeecupping process. Based on the research conducted by Third Wave Water and Juan Ángel Welchez, and the shared experiences from Benjamin Carlson, Alex Pond and more, we explore the profound impact that utilizing the correct water profile can have on coffee quality, pricing, and the overall prosperity of coffee farmers.

The findings also highlight the significance of using a specific target within the defined SCA(Specialty Coffee Association) water profile ranges to further reduce confusion andvariability within the coffee supply chain. This provides a higher fidelity of information throughout the entire coffee ecosystem while also helping coffee farmers increase their cupping scores boosting their overall prosperity.

Please download the white paper HERE

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