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Our Go-To Coffee Brew Methods!

July 06, 2023 2 min read

We use a lot of different brewing methods around the Third Wave Water office. From super popular brewers like the Hario V60 and Chemex to some lesser-known gems like the Trinity ONE and the Dragon, we drink a ton of coffee and wanted to list off some of our favorite and go-to brewers!

Starting the Morning Right

We have a fun little rule here in the office that the first person to show up has to brew a large batch of coffee for everyone. We typically brew this on our Ratio 8 using their recommended recipe of 70g of coffee for a full carafe. This typically makes enough coffee for everyone in our office to have one or two cups and is a super easy and delicious way to start the morning.

Filter Coffee

Throughout the day, we like to brew some smaller batches manually with a variety of different brew methods. Our go-to manual brew methods have been the AeroPress and Hario V60, but we also use the Kalita Wave from time to time. I (Brandon) typically brew a 32 gram dose of coffee at a 1:16 ratio in the V60. The larger dose allows for more coffee that we can share around the office.

We also recently received an xBloom from their amazing team and have been using it daily! All of our xPods were swiftly used up because we wanted to tryeverything possible. The reusable xPod has come in handy for letting us brew a small, single serving of some of our favorite coffees.

Go-To Espresso

Espresso is another brew method we utilize pretty frequently here. We have several machines on rotation in our office. The main machines that we use are the Decent DE1 and the La Marzocco GS3-MP. The Decent allows for incredible control and fine tuning a profile, but the GS3 is more powerful with its dual boilers and the manual paddle (how it got its “MP” name) allows for some great flow profiling options.

If we are in the mood for a quicker shot of espresso, we’ll use the Spinn coffee maker. We created a custom profile on this machine that allows us to brew a “pseudo-espresso” using a similar drink but it’s brewed differently. This machine uses a centrifuge that blends water and coffee at various speeds to produce different styles of drinks and brews.

The Water We Use

It’s no secret that we care about two major things when it comes to our coffee; the flavor and our equipment. First, the flavor. Flavor is obviously important! We want our coffee to taste great. Second, our equipment. We don’t want to ruin our kettles or brewers with limescale buildup.

That’s why we use the Classic Profile for the majority of our coffee brewing here. It highlights the fruity and floral characteristics that we love in lighter roasted coffee while preventing limescale buildup in our different brewers and kettles.

When we use our awesome espresso machines, we useonly the Espresso Machine Profile. This profile was created specifically to protect your espresso machine from limescale and corrosion. We avoided the use of chlorides and used only minerals with permanent hardness to eliminate these issues.

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