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Life is Too Short to Ruin Your Coffee with Bad Water

Bad water destroys great coffee

Don't drink boring, flat coffee anymore

Starting your day right shouldn't be this difficult

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Protect Your Coffee Maker

Stop ruining your coffee maker by causing lime scale buildup!

Do you have an espresso machine?

Third Wave Water has a water profile just for your needs

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Find Full Flavor

Achieve Optimum Extraction and taste your coffee like the Roaster intended.

Reduce Bitterness with all natural minerals

Balanced Water Chemistry to compliment your coffee (pH and kH)

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Brew Consistently

Stop Chasing the Perfect Cup.

Brew the same amazing cup of coffee every morning.

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Like You, We Care About Great Coffee

Over 3 million gallons of coffee brewed. That's a lot of happy customers!

5 out of 5 Sharks agree, it helps your coffee taste amazing!

SCA Design award winner and SCA water profiles for the coffee professional

"This coffee tasted 10X better with Third Wave Water! This stuff is the real deal! If you love coffee you'll love Third Wave Water!"

- Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank (investor)

"We were shocked with your quality! Your water allowed the sweetness and aftertaste to shine more than our commercial setup. All that to say, I'm now using your product at home."

- Mark Michaelson, Onyx Coffee (award winning roaster)

Classic Profile

Perfect for brewing light to medium roast coffees using most brew methods

  • Light & Medium Roast Coffee
  • Protects Coffee Makers from Limescale
  • SCA Water Profile
  • Highlights Brighter Flavors

Dark Roast Profile

Perfect for Brewing Dark Roast Coffee Using Most Brew Methods

  • Dark Roast Coffee
  • Protects Coffee Makers from Limescale
  • Compliments Chocolate, Caramel and Nutty Flavors Typically Found in Dark Roast Coffees

Espresso Profile

Perfect for Brewing Any Coffee in Espresso Machines

  • Any Roast of Coffee
  • Protects Espresso Machines from Scale and Corrosion
  • Brightens Flavors

1. Buy Water*

Buy distilled water

2. Mix

3. Shake

4. Brew

Stop Wrestling With Your Water, Brew Amazing Coffee Using Third Wave Water

Filtered water or even great tasting water can flatten your coffee and won't help your coffee taste amazing. The science behind brewing coffee is complicated and requires the right minerals, water buffer and more to create that perfect cup of coffee.

Protect your mornings, coffee gear and favorite freshly roasted coffee for only pennies a cup with Third Wave Water minerals today!

Still Don't Know Which Water Profile is for you?


"I have used Third Wave Water for over a year and would hate to have to go back to my tap water."

- Archie

"Wouldn't brew coffee without it anymore!"

- Travis

"My Coffee has never tasted this good.
It takes the bitter taste out of every cup."

- Patricia

"I bought this for my mother and she could absolutely taste the difference, and LOVED it!"

- Gail