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Life is Too Short to Ruin Your Coffee with Bad Water

Coffee is 98% water! 

Using bad water can cause your coffee to taste bitter, flat or overly acidic and can harm your equipment through limescale buildup and corrosion. Third Wave Water fixes that by providing the right water so you can have better coffee.

By using the Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) standards for water for coffee as a guide, we created a solution that helps your coffee taste better, protects your equipment, and allows you to brew with greater consistency.

Bad water destroys great coffee

Using the wrong water to brew your coffee can cause your favorite coffee to taste dull, flat, or bitter because of the improper amounts of the proper minerals needed to extract all of the good flavors. 

If you use water that contains the wrong types of minerals (i.e.. minerals that contain temporary hardness) “you risk damaging your equipment alongside making your coffee taste worse. Temporary hardness, primarily calcium carbonate, is the reason for limescale to build up in your favorite brewing equipment (pour over kettle, automatic dripper, etc.).

Water varies everywhere you go. Because of this, the coffee you brew at your house may taste different than when you brew the same coffee at your friend’s house. Third Wave Water’s President, Charles Nick, used to travel a lot for work and was always frustrated with the coffee he brewed while travelling never tasting as good when he brewed it at home. He realized that the water used to brew his coffee was the issue, so he sought out to create Third Wave Water.

Don’t drink boring, flat coffee anymore

With Third Wave Water, you no longer need to brew bitter, inconsistent coffee with water that will damage your favorite piece of brewing equipment. Third Wave Water optimizes your coffee’s extraction, protects your equipment, and gives you the same great tasting cup of coffee whether you brew at home or elsewhere.

 “Distilled water enhanced with Third Wave actually enhances the coffee and provides consistent results.” - Larry B.

Starting your day right shouldn’t be difficult

You should never have to worry about using the right water to brew your coffee. Other water sources such as tap water, filtered water and spring water are inconsistent and can ruin your coffee's flavor.

Tap water can vary from place to place and contain chemicals as well as equipment-damaging minerals. Water filters, such as Brita, can help remove chemicals and organics from your tap water, but will not remove harmful minerals. This leaves equipment-damaging water that can keep your coffee tasting dull or bitter. Spring water, although it may not contain the same chemicals as tap water, contains potentially equipment-damaging minerals. This can leave you wondering as to what exactly is going into your coffee.

Third Wave Water minerals will help your coffee taste its best and protect your equipment in the process, all while giving you the peace of mind that you can brew the same great tasting coffee every time, no matter where you are.