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Holiday Barista Kit (Light)

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Your favorite coffee nerd will thank you for findings one of the most unique and useful Barista Kits this year. Special meters, crazy coffee stickers, a cupping spoon, a pin, a hat and your Classic Light Roast Profile all in one special package this year!

This kit includes the following:

  • The Classic Profile Profile in 1 Gallon size - the water profile that started it all! Bring those floral and berry flavors to life by using the water engineered to bring you the coffee industry water profile to your light and medium roasted coffees!
  • TDS Meter - measure the amount of dissolved solids in your water. This tool is used to customize your water profile by adding more (usually less) of TWW than normal to adjust the buffer of the water releasing different flavors of your coffee. This type of TDS meter is primarily used to measure the TDS of the water BEFORE you brew your coffee, not after.
  • pH Meter - measure the amount of pH of your water. This is a great tool for quality control of measuring the water after the minerals have been dissolved. 
  • Custom TWW pin - roll in style
  • The TWW beanie - super soft and ready for winter!
  • Three super-fun monster Aeropress stickers - peel and stick these kiss cut stickers on your favorite laptop, brew gear or desk area!
  • A Cupping Spoon - the tool used by the great masters of coffee jargon and grading.