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The Trio Pack

Match your water to your coffee.

It sounds almost too good to be true. This special Trio Pack was created to help you test the differences yourself. Each water profile is engineered to help most coffees within their roast levels taste the best that they can.

How can these water profiles actually work?!

  • Classic Light Roast - meets the SCA (specialty coffee association) industry water standards using a touch of Sodium Chloride with a rich depth of all natural  minerals, high in Magnesium, to create a relatively low buffer, but high enough to mute unwanted bitters. This is the water profile that started it all and helps light roast coffee drinkers finally taste the fruit and floral characteristics so sought after.
  • Medium Roast Profile - This also meets the SCA industry water standards but has a more balanced water profile engineered to help medium roast coffees shine. The buffer is a little stronger than the Light Roast Profile making this our key choice for coffee cuppings around the world.
  • Dark Roast Profile - Created to bring out the chocolate and caramel notes typically desired in coffees while muting unwanted bitterness. Bring your dark roast coffees alive again.

We didn't invent the water standards for coffee. We just provide a method to finally be able to use it. Welcome to Third Wave Water.