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Creating the Perfect Cup of Coffee | Part Two

April 23, 2021 1 min read

The perfect cup of coffee seems hard to come by, but we believe in your right to the perfect cup every time! Click here if you missed our beginning stages of creating the best cup-o-joe.

Step Four | Heating the Water

Water is something easily overlooked in the coffee-making process. But we believe that the best cup of coffee comes from understanding your best cup of water. This is where we come in! Add a stick Third Wave Water to a gallon of distilled or RO water to create the perfect balance of minerals. All those delicate aromas and vivid acids will shine through and you will love every second of the coffee-making process. Temperatures will vary with the brew method we discussed in our last post, but start by heating your water from 195 to 205 degrees.

Step Five | Rinse your filter

Paper filters add color and life to your coffee, so we encourage you to experiment with your favorites! Rinsing your filter removes unwanted paper pulp still trapped in the paper filter, which adds a touch of bitterness. Toss the rinse water in the sink after filtering.

Step Six | Add your ground coffee

Put your cup and brewer on the scale, add your grinds and then zero it all out. Now you're prepared to begin the brewing process! 

Stay tuned next week to learn how to bloom your coffee and finishing off your perfect cup!

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