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Creating the Perfect Cup of Coffee | Part Three

March 04, 2021 2 min read

Congratulations! You are only two steps away from enjoying your outstanding cup of coffee. We are so excited for you. If you missed the last two posts, make sure you check out Part One and Part Two before continuing. 

Step Seven | Bloom your coffee

Coffee bloom occurs when all types of organic materials are heated and chemicals (carbon dioxide in particular) are discharged. Once you trigger the blooming process, the effects of outgassing occur; the coffee grounds will puff up when they come into contact with the hot water (you’ve mixed perfectly with Third Wave Water). Poke your finger in the middle of the coffee to create a divot to help the water remain centered as you add just enough water to saturate the coffee. Stop here! Wait 30-40 seconds. Watch and breathe in those beautiful aromas as the bubbles unlock the first stage of flavor. Because that CO2 is trapped inside the cell structure of the coffee bean, blooming removes the gasses and prepares the coffee bed for even extraction.

Step Eight | Finish brewing

Remember that 16:1 ratio we talked about in Part One? Here is where it comes into play. Since you know you have 20 grams of coffee, we are multiplying that number by 16 to determine the amount of water we need to pour over. When your scale hits 320, you've reached the magic number. Make sure you stop when the scale displays this number and prepare for a third wave coffee experience!

Welcome to Third Wave Coffee using Third Wave Water. We are confident you will love this cup more than any other and be sad at all the years you spent drinking subpar cups of coffee. It will be impossible to turn back!


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