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Creating the Perfect Cup of Coffee | Part One

March 04, 2021 2 min read

The best cup of coffee looks different to different people. Whether you are a latte person, a black coffee fanatic, or somewhere in-between, creating the perfect cup of coffee is something we can all appreciate. Although it takes a few steps you might not have considered, the payoff is totally worth it.Trust us.

Step One | Choosing coffee

Your options are literally endless when choosing the beans. There are thousands of options at grocery stores and still more at local coffee shops. In order to create the perfect cup of joe, we suggest finding fresh, locally roasted draft coffee. Generally, the best cup comes from coffee roasted less than a week before consuming. Most coffee begins losing its flavors and freshness after two weeks!

Step Two | Brewing Method

We can’t stress this enough: experiment! There are so many brew methods available today, so it’s a great time to be a fan of coffee. There are options such as Chemex, V60, Wave, Aeropress, American Press, and French Press. Remember, paper filters remove oils and can add brightness to your cup, so make sure you experiment with different filters and methods of brewing. For this series of blog posts, we will be talking about a single cup pour over.

Step Three | Grind your coffee

For this cup of coffee, we are going to use a 16:1 ratio, so go ahead and grind 20 grams of coffee which will end up being used with 320 grams of water (more on this to come). Grinding your coffee can look different, but one thing we know for sure is that not all grinders are created equal. Burr grinders are far superior to paddle/blade grinders. (Just go ahead and trust us and throw those paddle grinders away.)



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