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Holiday Wish List - Coffee Gadgets you Didn’t Know you Needed

March 04, 2021 2 min read

It’s almost time for the holidays - a perfect opportunity to up your coffee-snobbery and add new gadgets to your wishlist! If you love coffee (and we assume you do), you probably love each machine, press, or other gizmo that brings your coffee experience to the next level.

Here are a few you might have never heard of, but will discover you inevitably need:

  • Ground Coffee Scoop/Clip

This stainless steel coffee scoop is doubly useful as a clip for your coffee bag. Also comes in gold and copper finishes, meaning you can pick the ones that best compliment your coffee station at home.

  • Kruve Micron-level Coffee Sifter

Do you find yourself using uneven-sized grounds to brew inconsistent-tasting coffee? This two-tier sifter by Kruve delivers 105 possible coffee grind sizes at the precise micron range of your choosing, meaning you’ll brew better, more uniform coffee.

  • Handheld Espresso Maker

This one’s for the traveler. When you find yourself without electricity but still in need of a frothy caffeine fix, use this handheld press to make up to 50ml of fresh espresso. This includes a scoop and cup for an easy on-the-go experience.

  • Vacuum-sealed Coffee Container

If you’re particular about having the absolute freshest coffee, this container’s patented design allows up to one pound of coffee to de-gas as it is stored without letting oxygen back in to taint its flavor.

  • Coffee Filter Holder

Chic design is the name of the game with this coffee filter holder. Imagine one of these in your coffee bar, providing a bright pop of pattern or a look of natural wood.

  • Collapsible Coffee Dripper

For those that need a cup of joe even in the most remote of locations, this collapsible dripper is for you. Simply unfold, add a filter and grounds, brew, and fold back up until you’re ready for the next use.


There you have it! Six new items to add to your holiday wish list. Of course, whilst using your new gadgets, remember to brew your coffee with Third Wave Water’s patented blend of calcium, magnesium and sodium to optimize flavor and finish. Who knew you’d wrap up 2017 as a full-fledged coffee-aficionado? You. Are. Welcome.

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