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How to Brew Consistent Coffee!

May 18, 2021 2 min read

Water varies from place to place. Because of this, we wanted to create a solution that would help everyone be able to make and taste the same amazing cup of coffee without fear of inconsistency due to water variance. By adding in Third Wave Water minerals to a single gallon of…
    • distilled water,
    • reverse osmosis water,
    • or zero water

      …you can experience much more consistency and clarity in your coffee. Starting with a base mineral content of 0 is the key to making sure your coffee is consistent. Even though the filtered water from your tap or the fancy bottles of spring water may seem “good enough,” it can still contain a mixture of minerals that is unknown.

      Using a tool such as a TDS Meter (which can be purchased here), you can determine the amount of mineral content in your water, but this will not tell you how much of each mineral there is.


        Using just distilled water, with no mineral content in it whatsoever will not help either. This is because it lacks those important minerals which are important to help coffee's true flavors be more pronounced and vibrant.

        Adding in Third Wave Water, which is always the same formula will help you know exactly what is going into your water, and give you the comfort of knowing that this mixture of minerals is designed to give you the best possible coffee experience. Our minerals are created in a way that will bring the mineral content of your water within Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) parameters for great coffee.

        Comment below what you're brewing with your Third Wave Water and feel free to ask any questions. You can also join our private Facebook group, Third Wave Water Insiders, by clicking here!

        Happy Brewing,


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