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Looking for the perfect water to brew your coffee? You finally found it. 

Just add one Third Wave Water Classic Profile stick to one gallon of distilled or RO water, shake, and use to brew your favorite coffee. Your coffee has never tasted so good!

Choose from three sizes:

  • 1 Gallon - $17 a pack - makes 12 gallons total
  • 5 Gallon - $28 a pack - makes 60 gallons total
  • 2 Liter - $20 a pack - makes 40 liters total 

NOTE: Water containers in the pictures are only shown for reference and are not included with purchase. Outer box design may also differ slightly. 

      *All orders placed before 2pm EST will ship the same day!*

      If you are not satisfied with your product, we will make it right!

      The Classic Profile was created to give you the best experience with your daily coffee brewing styles:

      • Coffee Drip Brewer. Some examples include: Mr. Coffee™, Keurig™, Moccamaster, etc. This is the most common brewing method.
      • Manual brew methods. Some examples include: French Press, Chemex™ pour over, Hario™ V60 pour over, etc.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 526 reviews
      Terri Brown
      A small complaint

      I put an order in to have 1 box sent every other month. I was debited for 1 box and a few days later debited for another box. I did receive 2 boxes but that was not how I ordered them. I do like your product. I just hope that doesn’t happen every time.

      Hi Terri!

      Thank you for the kind words! I sent you an email about your subscription (I think I found the issue), so let me know if I can help in any way.

      - Brandon @TWW

      Cory Cunningham
      Game Changer

      I was skeptical, I'll admit. I know my home water isn't great but I figured it wouldn't be to bad. Oh wow was I surprised with how tasty my coffee is at just a base level now with Third Wave Water. The only complaint I have is how it can be a bit tough to get some of the larger chunks of minerals to dissolve in my gallon of distilled water. Recommending this to all my coffee friends!

      This is awesome Cory! The chunks issue has been resolved moving forward so that is a thing of the past. I appreciate you telling your coffee friends!

      - Brandon @TWW

      Incredible product!

      I'm a coffee drinker again! Just love Third Wave Water. Gone is the bitterness, coffee is just so smooth. Delicious. Thank you

      Wow! Thank you Susy! That is wonderful to hear :)

      - Brandon @TWW

      Brian Borger
      Definite improvement

      Smooths the mouthfeel and improves the flavor significantly, versus my tap water that has been filtered.

      Thanks Brian! I'm glad to hear that TWW has improved your coffee :)

      - Brandon @TWW

      Rudy Reicheneder

      Perfect, if you put two packets in one Gallon of distilled water.

      I'm glad you love it Rudy!

      - Brandon @TWW