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Looking for the perfect water to brew your coffee? You finally found it. 

Just add one Third Wave Water Classic Profile stick to one gallon of distilled or RO water, shake, and use to brew your favorite coffee. Your coffee has never tasted so good!

Choose from three sizes:

  • 1 Gallon - $17 a pack - makes 12 gallons total
  • 5 Gallon - $28 a pack - makes 60 gallons total
  • 2 Liter - $20 a pack - makes 40 liters total 

NOTE: Water containers in the pictures are only shown for reference and are not included with purchase. Outer box design may also differ slightly. 

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      If you are not satisfied with your product, we will make it right!

      The Classic Profile was created to give you the best experience with your daily coffee brewing styles:

      • Coffee Drip Brewer. Some examples include: Mr. Coffee™, Keurig™, Moccamaster, etc. This is the most common brewing method.
      • Manual brew methods. Some examples include: French Press, Chemex™ pour over, Hario™ V60 pour over, etc.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 520 reviews
      chris olson
      Classic Profile

      Elevate your coffee in an east way

      I'm glad your coffee is being elevated Chris!

      - Brandon @TWW

      Justin Myers
      Lives up to the hype

      If you know coffee, you know that water is the majority of what you're drinking. I've been wanting to try Third Wave Water for years. Glad I finally did, I'm completely hooked now. Much more even extractions with great flavor and, most importantly, consistency

      Thank you so much Justin! We appreciate you giving us a shot!

      - Brandon

      Carrie Minor

      Makes my coffee so much smoother and more delicious!!!!

      Thanks Mom!

      Love You,

      Exceeds expectations

      I figured it would be very subtle difference, but it really improved the flavor of my coffee.

      Great Gift

      Sent it as a gift and was told how much of a difference it made!