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Life is too short to ruin your coffee with bad water!

May 19, 2021 1 min read

Each year, over 400 BILLION cups of coffee are consumed worldwide. Coffee is also made up of 98% water, which can vary drastically from home to home. It can also contain harmful minerals and chemicals, making your coffee taste flat, boring, and inconsistent. Starting your day with a tasty cup-of-joe shouldn't be difficult. That's where Third Wave Water can help you! 

Using our mineral profile to treat distilled water, you can have the same, great tasting cup of coffee every day without worry of inconsistency or flat, boring flavors. We've crafted profiles that bring your water's mineral content to be in line according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). This helps ensure that you would be getting the most out of your coffee and experiencing full flavor and more consistent brews!


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