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International Day of Human Space Flight

April 12, 2023 2 min read

Join us this year as we celebrate International Day of Human Space Flight. Celebrating the beginning of the space era for mankind, cool science stuff, and maintaining outer space for peaceful purposes.

Third Wave Water Co-Founder at NASA

One of our co-founders, Charles Nick, worked for NASA. He worked in Houston, Texas helping NASA’s maintenance program for the International Space Station Program, or ISS for short. He was a reliability engineer creating on-orbit maintenance instructions for ISS that were used by Mission Control and the astronauts on station.

He loved working on a variety of projects from SARJ (Solar Alpha Rotary Joint), ETVCG (enhanced television camera group), and more. He discovered his love for aviation after visiting The Wright Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio as a kid.

Along the way he was humbled to train some amazing Crew members (aka astronauts) like Kathyrn P. Hire, Michael Finke and JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata. 

Michael Fincke

Michael Fincke held the record for the most time in space at 381.6 days with almost 50 hours of EVA time, speaks English, Japanese and Russian and is heading back to space soon. He also created some of the best tour videos of the space station.

Kathryn P. Hire

Kate P. Hire spent almost 30 days in space flying, was CAPCOM operator, and helped install the Cupola on STS-130 providing the best view of earth on ISS.

Koichi Wakata

Koichi Wakata has almost 11 months in space with four shuttle missions, and was the first Japanese commander of the ISS. And recently on Expedition 68 had his first EVA

So we thank Michael Fincke, Kate P. Hire and Koichi Wakata today for their efforts in advancing science, sustainability and peace in space for all.

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