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Does Third Wave Water Expire?

March 31, 2023 1 min read

Something that we get asked all the time is regarding the shelf life of Third Wave Water minerals. How long do they last in the box and as mixed water?

Dry Minerals

Let’s start with the first question. How long do Third Wave Waterminerals last? Don't worry! Because they are just minerals, they will never expire or “go bad.” They have the same lifespan as something like table salt.

Mixed Minerals

As mixed Third Wave Water, they will never “unmix.” Because all of our minerals are completely soluble, they will never fall out of solution once they’ve been dissolved by the empty water you add them to.

Why is there a date on the bottom of my box?

So if they don’t expire or go bad, why is there a date on the bottom of the box and on every stick? Well, I’m glad you asked. The date is on our box two years after the production date and acts as a guide for our vendors for stock rotation purposes. This date is simply a “best by” date. This does not signify the quality or usability of the minerals once the date has passed.

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