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TDS Meter

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If you're buying your own minerals it might help to have your own TDS meter! TDS stands for Total Dissolvable Solids, the amount of minerals or aggregates found in the water chemistry. Some uses include:

  • Verify the water you are adding Third Wave Water to is truly 'empty' as recommended (distilled water, reverse osmosis, etc).
  • Test your current water to see how many minerals are present.
  • NOTE: this will not define which minerals are present in your water, only that something is there.
  • The cap can also be used to hold water to measure. Simply fill cap then insert meter and use as normal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ryan G.
TDS Meter 👍🏼

I bought this to test my RO water to make sure most everything was taken out and also as a tool to estimate coffee extraction. Seems to be doing the trick with no problems!

Jordan L.
Minerals and tds meter

Perfect combination to improve your coffee. Tds was an impulse purchase but it is an interesting metric if a bit of a novelty.

Kihak N.
TDS Meter

Works as described. Reads the TDS level instantaneously.

Steve C.
Neat little tool

very simple foolproof meter that guarantees accuracy in my coffee making.

martin m.
TDS Meter

Very illuminating to use this meter. I got 102 from my RO system, 387 from tap water, and 277 from the RO water with Classic Profile added. It's put my mind at rest.