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by Jordan Sok October 11, 2017

For those of you who tuned into Shark Tank on Sunday, thank you! We were so excited to present Third Wave Water to the Sharks and eventually landed a deal with Barbara Corcoran, billion-dollar real estate mogul, for a $100,000 investment!

The Sharks agreed that Third Wave Water made coffee outstanding. Lori Greiner, retail giant and international inventor, said her coffee was smoother with a Third Wave Water capsule. Other Sharks said there was no question to whether or not the coffee was better with the capsule. (So maybe it’s time you grab your box today? Click here for more info!)

We’d like to especially thank our friends at The Entreprenurs Center and Entrepreneurial Services Provider (ESP) who helps startups like us with developmental services, mentoring, and business strategy. You guys are the best!

For those of you who missed it, go here to watch the full episode or catch the rerun on Hulu! And, as always, enjoy your perfect cup of Joe made with Third Wave Water!

Jordan Sok
Jordan Sok

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