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March 04, 2021 1 min read

We are so excited to announce that the Village of Cedarville, Oh., has declared October 8th as Third Wave Water Day. That’s right - we have a DAY!

When we launched this thing on Kickstarter back in January, we never (EVER) expected this.

After a year of incredible opportunities, media attention, coffee conferences and events, brewing competitions and a Shark Tank deal, Third Wave Water has grown from a seed of an idea, from the brains of founders Taylor Minor and Charles Nick, to an international business.

On Saturday, December 2, we gathered with several members of the public at the annual tree-lighting ceremony at the U.S. Bank Lawn on Main Street.Right at sunset, we were humbled to receive the proclamation of our official day of celebration, Third Wave Water Day, by the Mayor of Cedarville.

To the Village of Cedarville, we’d like to say a rousing “THANK YOU.” With a population of just 4,000, we have felt massive support from this small, but incredible, community.

To you, our customers, friends, supporters, blog readers, coffee aficionados and Shark Tank watchers, wherever you might be from, we’d like to say “THANK YOU, TOO.” Although our initial goal was to “create the optimal water for coffee,” we gained exponentially more through the creation of this invaluable network of people.

Official Proclamation of Third Wave Water DayCharles & Taylor w/ The Proclamation

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