New Year’s Resolution: Make Better Coffee - Third Wave Water

by Jordan Sok December 29, 2017

Resolving to lose 25 pounds, learn German, or run a marathon this New Year? Nothing like setting some lofty goals. Kudos to you for dreaming big, but why not choose at least one we can actually help you achieve?

Here it is:

Resolve to make better coffee.

Ready? We’ll show you how.

Start with better water. It’s the best place for you to begin pursuing this goal, mostly because there’s already a solution that takes minimal effort on your part. Use Third Wave Water’s classic or espresso profiles to make better water. Third Wave Water uses distilled or reverse-osmosis water and adds an essential blend of minerals to create the most optimal water for brewing coffee as determined by the Specialty Coffee Association. See, you’re already getting there!

Try new techniques. Nobody has ever made a perfect cup of coffee on the first try. All of the coffee pros, professional baristas, guys and gals out there with awards from the World Brewers Cup Championship... they’ve all learned from careful trial and error. Why not seek to improve your coffee by doing something differently? Experiment with everything - grind size, brew time, brew method, pouring method, filter choice, and more. For example: pour-over enthusiasts, while brewing filter coffee, try different methods of agitating the grounds. To brew better coffee, let that imagination run free!

Buy better beans. Whether you’ve been hanging on to the tubs of pre-ground Folgers for your morning joe or buying freshly roasted beans every week, maybe it’s time to step out and discover something new. Make it your goal to find a new-to-you roastery. Find a company that sells only single-origin beans. Try home roasting. There are no limits! Did you know there are even coffee subscription services that deliver curated coffee right to your door? They’re basically begging you to make better coffee, so you should be able to easily accomplish your goal.

Get social. No, we’re not asking you to pack into a crowded coffee shop, triggering anxiety and ultimately, madness… You can still enjoy your morning cup all by yourself if you wish. But, do yourself a favor and follow some of the leading coffee experts and companies on social media. Their accounts are brimming with valuable information, explanations, and newsworthy tidbits sure to help you with your own brewing! We recommend Sprudge (TwitterInstagramFacebook), Onyx Coffee Lab (TwitterInstagramFacebook), and of course, us (our TwitterInstagramFacebook). Get hashtag social!

This year our resolution is to help you make better coffee. Keep an eye out for our posts with the hashtag #MakeBetterCoffee. Blogs, recipes, and pro tips are coming your way. We’d also love to hear about your journey as well. If you’ve got something to offer, then share it using the same hashtag.

There you have it. Four steps to sure success in 2018 (at least in the coffee realm. We can’t speak for all those donuts you’ll be eating…).

Happy New Year, coffee people!

Jordan Sok
Jordan Sok

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