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by Jordan Sok December 18, 2017

Are you traveling over the river and through the woods to grandma’s this Christmas? If so, you may be staying somewhere budget-friendly (read: lacks good coffee) along the way.

So how exactly are you going to make great coffee on the road without the homey comforts of endless counter space, hot water at the touch of a button, and the daily brewing arsenal?

Don’t worry.We got you.

Here’s what you’ll need to brew an extraordinary cup as you travel:

  1. The Right Kettle. Sometimes, hotels or your in-laws’ kitchen will have an electric kettle you can utilize to bring water to the correct brewing temperature. However, in the event that you don’t have access to a kettle or even a Keurig as a heat source (MacGyver hack for the desperate), you can invest in your own travel kettle - just minutes to hot, brew-ready water. Ideally, you choose the electric gooseneck kettle, but it’s not a necessity for certain brewing methods (Aeropress).
  2. The Right Water. Being who we are, we are a bit particular about our brewing water. Bring a pack of Third Wave Water (you’ll want the classic profile) and a gallon of distilled water. Mix your Third Wave Water and heat the designated amount (see below) to brewing temperature. Travel is a big reason we sell “Dehydrated water”. It’s easy to carry our pack anywhere and simply buy distilled water once you arrive at your destination.
  3. The Right Beans. Sure, you can grab a bag of pre-ground beans at any grocery store - but any coffee aficionado knows that lacks the fullness of flavor you get with freshly ground beans. Make sure to bring a bag of fresh beans from your local roaster before you leave, or experiment by grabbing some from a Third Wave Coffee shop on the road. Check the date to make sure the beans have been roasted recently.
  4. The Right Equipment. Here are a few choices for mobile hand grinders. These mini-versions of your bulkier, electric grinder at home can do the trick with just a little more elbow grease. You’ll also need to measure out your grounds. Much to the traveler’s delight, there is a scale so efficient that it fits in your pocket - and it weighs your coffee too.
  5. A Brewing Method. Here our road diverges (in a yellow wood?), and a choice must be made based on personal brewing preference.

There are more methods too, like using a French press or even a handheld press for a shot of frothy espresso.

Not too difficult, is it? Who knew you could brew coffee like a boss at grandma’s house? A cup this good makes staying under the same roof as Uncle Eddie a little more bearable.

Sit back, relax, and may your coffee notes be berry and bright this holiday season!

Jordan Sok
Jordan Sok

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